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PC version of the fifth iteration of Nintendo's globally popular monster-battling role-playing game

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Over the last decade, writers of the Pokemon series have not strayed far from their successful formula. Still, Game Freak has noted the tastes and desires of gamers, and in Pokemon Black and White, huge pushes have been made to improve the game for fans. Despite the innovations, you can still identify the unchanged areas. For example, you remain a 10-year-old kid without a father, and you still acquire the fire, water and grass Pokemon from a world-class Pokemon professor.

Where Pokemon Black and White Innovates

The experience of the Black and White PC game adopts a more streamlined approach than predecessor games. The game designers made numerous small tweaks that accumulated into a smoother and more entertaining game. While some of them seem obvious like merging Poke Mart and Pokemon Center, other enhancements improve the game on a more subtle level. For example, game designers marked up the battle pace a smidgen faster. As a result, the battles feel more fluid and faster than ever before.

Two New Fighting Styles Added

If you hit the download button for Pokemon Black and White, you will discover two new fighting styles. You will encounter them in both Black and White, but one focuses more on the specific battle style. You have Triple Battle and Rotation Battles. A triple battle takes everything good about Double Battles and amplifies it. You have cool new move sets with this fighting style like Combined Moves, and you can devastate your opponents when you coordinate your attacks with a partner.

Rotation battles, on the other hand, let you switch Pokemon before you attack on each turn. This fighting style adds more strategy to the equation. Rotating your Pokemon does not lose your turn, and you can attack right after.

Changes to the Aesthetics

Pokemon Black and White raises the quality bar for both the looks and the sounds. The game's improvements surpass the previous Pokemon games, and while the graphics engine remains unchanged, the camera aims more downward. That improvement might sound about as thrilling as watching water boil, but the new camera angle actually showcases the 3D elements of the game much better than ever before. In addition, the sweeping camera movement and the changing perspectives give the game a more fluid feel.

Still, the Pokemon characters show little improvement and have remained pixelated. When you transfer Pokemon Black and White to the PC, the blown up screen makes you feel like you are playing on a Game Boy Advance. Refreshingly, Black and White does not recycle the same Pokemon from the Red and Blue games. You will trek through the game's story mode in a little under 40 hours with new Pokemon at every turn. That means if you enter a cave, you won't fight the same Geodude and Zubat over and over.


  • 40 hours of gameplay in story mode
  • Two different combat styles
  • The graphics look better than ever before
  • Different Pokemon throughout the game


  • The pixelated graphics could use an upgrade

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